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Himalayan Salt Angel Lamp

Himalayan Salt Angel Lamp
Height: 9 inches
Weight: approximately 9 lbs.
Rating: 5/5
Your price : $84.00

Beautifully carved Angel Lamp. This graceful lamp is absolutely gorgeous, standing 9 inches tall, and weighing about 9 pounds.

Brings peace and grace to any environment.


Units in box: 1


Thursday, 20 October 2016
I love this lamp - each one is it's own character with individual colors, and when lit up, they each emit a different vibration. My angels literally "sing" to me! My clients have fallen in love with these beautiful lamps, and I cannot keep them in stock. A lamp that deserves a place in your home, or as a gift, it would be one that is appreciated for years to come. 5 Star rating!
Kyla Unick