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Kim Vanaman, owner of Candles of Cape May, tells of her positive experiences selling the Himalayan Salt lamps and candleholders, and explains why she enjoys doing business with Himalayan Salt Cart.




Testimonial"Thank you so much for getting my products out so quickly. I appreciate your excellent service and communication."

- Tom R, Maine


"Thank you so much it's a beauty. I gave a flyer to a coworker who wants one after experiencing mine. I'll order again soon as well."

- Melanie, OR


"I bought my first lamp from a mail order catalog and fell in love with it! I started to research them on the internet and bought some out of San Diego, BIG mistake! The lamp cords did not fit in the lamps and some of them came broken and it also took a long time to get them. When I ordered from this site I recieved Beautiful lamps with cords that had nice paddle switches and actually fit in the lamps properly. In fact, I ordered 5 new cords for the bad lamps that I got. I have had nothing but outstanding support from this web site and will continue to order from here.

- Dana B, Fl  


"Many thanks for taking my call this morning! I am so happy to see that my order is shipping so quickly, and that I may have it by the 23rd! I can't thank you enough for the time you spent with me on the phone.  I have already passed your name and company on to a couple of folks.  I hope that they will either call you or order from you on-line.
Thanks for being who you are!"

- Elisa-Ruth, Va


Thank you so much for sending the beautiful 80 pound salt lamp. The hole that holds the light is nice and deep so that is glows evenly. It looks amazing!

- Alissa G, Fl

I bought the 4 small deal and they arrived two days ago.  I put one on each side of our bed and put one in the guest sleeping area as my daughter was visiting.  She was leaving the next morning so we had to all get up very early.

First off, my husband and daughter were allergy free that night of sleeping and I was 85% improved.  We all woke up easily even with the early hour and felt well rested.  We were all in a state of shock that there would be that much difference in one night.  I had plugged them in and turned them on by 6PM so they had been running a few hours till bedtime.  We did leave them on all night.  Also, I had a fan running that night in my study that was pulling air through our bathroom window into the bedroom.  All of these changes with these beautiful lamps.
My daughter left but we found the same fantastic improvements ourselves again this morning.  I don't have them in the living room/dining room area yet and within a half an hour of being out of the bedroom, my husband was already sounding congested in his nasal passages.  That is why I came back to this site and placed another order to add lamps to those areas as well.

I was blown away by their appearance and would have loved them just for that but now that I truly have experienced the health benefits, I will never be parted from my salt lamps purchased here.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for offering such a wonderful and natural product.

- Dolores C, Fl


Got your message, we finally opened 2 days ago!!! sending you some updated pics, thanks to you guys for all your help! you guys are the best!!!:)

- Dana P, ME


Thank you for your great customer service and BEAUTIFUL lamps!!  I placed my first order with you last Tuesday (the 14th) and received it on Saturday.  My husband brought the products to my shop from home (the delivery address), and I was able to display them that same day.  Great job!

- Karyn M


Hi Steve,

The attached is my next order from you. I am really pleased with the quality of your products and so are my clients! Thank you for your prompt, professional services! As soon as you have prepared an invoice, I'll call you to give you payment. Please add SBOO1 the salt bowls to this order as well, thanks!

- Susanne M, FL


Hey Steve,

I appreciate all of your efforts on our behalf. You have been so good to work with.
Take care and we'll talk soon!

- Kenny W, TX


The salt lamps and other products I received at lightening speed were AMAZING! The variety, color and shapes of the lamps made them hard for customers to choose their favorite. Because of this we are recreating our salt lamp/product display to make them the centerpiece for the holiday shows.

Thank you for you excellent and personal customer service.

- Heidi G, WI