Super Rare! Gray Salt Lamps Have Arrived!

The good news just keeps coming! At long last, our Gray Lamps are back in stock!

Sourced from ultra-rare gray Himalayan salt, our gray natural-cut lamps are rich with dark minerals, creating a faint, calming glow – perfect for meditation or as a bedside lamp. Due to its darker coloring, gray salt lamps actually get warmer than our classic pink salt lamps, increasing the hygroscopic and ionizing effect – drawing moisture and cleaning the air naturally.

Get in touch with your dark side! The dark, earthy color is reminiscent of a mythical dragon’s egg! Click this link for more details!

The New Luna Lamp is Back!

The wait is over – our brand-new Luna Lamps are back in stock!!

Each lamp is hand-carved from rare white Himalayan salt, and when lit, resembles a full harvest moon! Cast a gentle glow while enjoying the feeling of serenity, romance, and tranquility. Also a perfect bedside lamp for a child’s room!

Hold the beauty of the moon in your own hands! The Luna lamp naturally contains beautiful veins of minerals such as magnesium and potassium – resembling real moon craters! Each lamp is 6” in diameter, comes with a UL listed cord, and a 15 watt bulb.

The Luna Lamp is $24.95 each and comes in a case of 4.

To order, click the link Luna, log into your online account and grab yours today.

Hurry, quantities are extremely limited!