Super Rare! Gray Salt Lamps Have Arrived!

The good news just keeps coming! At long last, our Gray Lamps are back in stock!

Sourced from ultra-rare gray Himalayan salt, our gray natural-cut lamps are rich with dark minerals, creating a faint, calming glow – perfect for meditation or as a bedside lamp. Due to its darker coloring, gray salt lamps actually get warmer than our classic pink salt lamps, increasing the hygroscopic and ionizing effect – drawing moisture and cleaning the air naturally.

Get in touch with your dark side! The dark, earthy color is reminiscent of a mythical dragon’s egg! Click this link for more details!

The New Luna Lamp is Back!

The wait is over – our brand-new Luna Lamps are back in stock!!

Each lamp is hand-carved from rare white Himalayan salt, and when lit, resembles a full harvest moon! Cast a gentle glow while enjoying the feeling of serenity, romance, and tranquility. Also a perfect bedside lamp for a child’s room!

Hold the beauty of the moon in your own hands! The Luna lamp naturally contains beautiful veins of minerals such as magnesium and potassium – resembling real moon craters! Each lamp is 6” in diameter, comes with a UL listed cord, and a 15 watt bulb.

The Luna Lamp is $24.95 each and comes in a case of 4.

To order, click the link Luna, log into your online account and grab yours today.

Hurry, quantities are extremely limited!

Quality Wholesale Himalayan Salt Lamps at Great Prices!

If you are looking for high quality wholesale Himalayan salt lamps, we have them here at Himalayan Salt Cart. You will immediately see the difference in our salt lamps that sets them above others on the market. Customers often tell us that our lamps are so much better than others that they have seen. We buy in large quantities from our manufacturer, so we are able to sell them at affordable prices, without compromising on quality. With over 400 different SKUs, we truly have something for everyone. To get the lowest prices that we offer, please complete our online wholesale registration. Once verified, you will receive an email that grants you full access to our site – including wholesale pricing and exclusive items!

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We invite you to call us with any questions that you have about our wholesale products or about the ordering process. You can reach us at (877) 725-8267.